Extra Tiny Micro ORM

It has been rumored that ORM killed the applicative DBA star in all small-medium .NET + MSSQL information system companies.
I disagree, you still need us to tune whatever madness Entity Framework\ LINQ to SQL\ NHibernate generates.

But if you have a small-medium database and most of your logic resides rightfully in the code, then our real competition is the variety of Micro ORMs that provide the programmers with actual control over the commands executed on our precious DB.

I recommend Dapper or the ironically named Massive.
Peta Poco or Simple Data fell short(er).

The most common use I’ve seen for ORM is for data viewing systems, which makes no sense!
The data schema changes frequently, you need to be able to match different data returns to the same class, you don’t even use the ORM for data update because you need to apply logic and algorithms.

Then why???
Answer – laziness! We all share that illness. We’ll use an overkill solution just to save time\effort.
Cure – write your own! And only implement what you actually need. It will save you so much time later solving performance issues and bottle necks and breaking changes to schema.

Start with our skinny solution!
Maps a stored procedure result row\table to a single class or a class list.
Name your class members with attributes or be lazy and just use member names.
Provide a method to activate after conversion to class completes or don’t.
And save time and money tuning some DAL layer you didn’t even write.

And go …

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