Running Couchbase 4.0 DP on a CentOS VM

Yesterday, Couchbase released the first Developer Preview for the upcoming 4.0 version. You can read all about it here.

The one thing this release is still missing is a Windows version :/ So after spinning one for myself I thought I will share it here.
The VM was created using Virtualbox, running the minimal version of CentOS 7.
The file is a VMDK so you can run it on a VMware setup if you like.
Username: root
Password: couchbase
The machine has couchbase4.local in the /etc/hosts file so just add it to yours, referring to the VM IP. This is the Node’s name so it’s kinda important.
Download Link to the OVA file.

if you don’t want my messy VM you can create one of you own and just run this set of command into the terminal to set up a new instance

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